Issue II - Call For Submissions!

do you want to be a part of the next bleeding thunder zine?

there is a sharp need for a queer, menstrual space. a place where we, as trans menstruators, can be validated in our experiences too. where we can be held in the vibration of community as we explore, unhinge, and validate our own unique queer embodiment.

the intention behind bleeding thunder’s zine project is for it to be a proverbial home for non-cis beings who experience menstruation in whatever form to express themselves and receive validation and support. at bleeding thunder, we continue to disturb, take apart, and re-new how we define menstruation - and we intentionally choose to hold it expansively + queerly, meaning it is fluid, vast, and continuing to become and re-make itself. maybe you bleed. maybe you used to bleed. maybe you experience periods without blood. maybe you hate the word menstruation… whatever is true for you, we want to hear about it and hold it with you in community.

for this next iteration of the bleeding thunder zine (check out the first issue here), we are seeking your prose, your poetry, your creative nonfiction, your essays, your cartoons, your paintings, your photographs, your stories, your spells, your sigils, your herbal remedies, your scripture. what is your experience of your body? what is your relationship to menstruation? any work that would be suitable for print that relates to gender & bleeding/cycling/menstruating — we’d love to receive it!


young trans/enby folks, even if you haven’t started cycling

how do you feel about menstruation? what’s going on in your bodymind that longs to be shared about this topic?


trans/queer adults who experience menstruation

is it like for you? what do you need? how do you show yourself care when it comes to menstruation? what is your truth?


trans/queer elders & folks who maybe used to bleed or have periods but don’t anymore

what was that experience like for you? If applicable, what is menopause like for you? what is your experience with cycles now?


we prioritize work by queer and trans people who are also People of Color, disabled folx, people from working class backgrounds, and other folks whose existences challenge the status quo set by modern systems of oppression. contributors will be shipped a physical copy of the zine, and all contributors will be paid once the zine comes out! (amount is determined by the success of our crowdfunding campaign pre-zine launch).

we’d love to uplift, celebrate, and honor your story. join us in re-imagining the things our bodies do and how we describe them to ourselves and to the world. send us your work at! we are accepting submissions until January 28th, 2021.

we look forward to receiving and being moved by your creations!

with love,

the bleeding thunder organizing team