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Join an accessible monthly support circle of trans, genderqueer, non-binary, & non-cisgender folks that centers queer narratives of menstruation.

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To all our queer, nonbinary, trans, and gender creative beings who hold experiences with menstruation:

We see you.

Our relationships with periods can be complex and confusing. Sometimes we feel the sacred liminality of our bodies in flux; sometimes we feel the harsh constraints of cisheteropatriarchy’s assumptions about what it means to menstruate.

But when we look to heal these wounds, too often we find that cis-women dominate conversations about reclaiming menstruation, and don’t leave room for our embodied queerness and gender magic.

As a result, we can feel even more isolated and misunderstood.

It's time we have our own space to explore and heal. 

Every month we will gather together the threads of our communal wholeness, so that we can be seen, heard, and held in the truth of who we are as menstruating beings who flow freely outside oppressive norms.


We will engage in community resourcing practices such as circle sharing, sound-making, and guided somatic meditations. This will be a time to practice heart-based and body-based communication. We will all be encouraged to drop out of the dominant, intellectual mode of being. 


Someone from our groundswell facilitating team will be lightly facilitating, but this is intended to be a collaborative and intuitive space, and what happens will be determined by all of us.

You will come away with:


~ The feeling of being seen, held, and validated.
~ The visceral experience of solidarity & support.
~ Increased confidence to be yourself and live authentically.
~ Your imagination fed & supported by expansive, spiritually-healing narratives and ways of seeing.
~ A sense of ease from experiencing a group space that is regulating for your nervous system.
~ More freed-up capacity to devote to your passions and to taking risks.
~ The opportunity to build real, inclusive, resilient community over time.
~ And of course, queer menstruation resources and insights!


We have everything we need to be whole in ourselves. We can shapeshift like the natural world and shed our protective barriers, accessing the sweetness of constant change.

We can create oppression-defying magic out of gentleness and softness.

We can weave the knowing of our sacredness into a web that supports and protects, guides and illuminates, and holds us in the safety of our complexity.

Come be part of this collective sharing of wisdom. Come be supported by other edgewalkers, as we source a new world out of the depths of our true knowing. Join our groundswell mailing list for updates on our upcoming circles!